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DiGRA Conference 2007
Frequently Asked Questions

updated on Sep. 17, 2007.


Q. How can I receive my pass?
    When and Where can I go to registration?

A. Please come to registration desk, and you can receive your pass. Registration desk will be at the following time and locations:

  •  Sep.24 Mon, 12:00 - 18:00, at Yasuda Auditorium,The University of Tokyo
  •  Sep. 25 Tue, 10:00 - 18:00, at Koshiba Hall (in Faculty of Science Bldg.1, The University of Tokyo)
  •  Sep. 26 Wed, 10:00 - 18:00, at Koshiba Hall (in Faculty of Science Bldg.1, The University of Tokyo)
  •  Sep. 27 Thu, 10:00 - 18:00, at Koshiba Hall (in Faculty of Science Bldg.1, The University of Tokyo)
  •  Sep. 28 Fri, 10:00 - 16:00, at Koshiba Hall (in Faculty of Science Bldg.1, The University of Tokyo)
The detailed location will be appeared at Access Map before the conference.

Q. Can I buy the pass on the day?

A. Yes, you can. Please come to registration desk. You can pay by cash or credit card (VISA, MASTER, AMEX, DINERS). 

Q. Can I get a receipt?

A. Yes. Please e-mail at  digra2007@nta.co.jp.

About the Conference

Q. When will DiGRA 2007 take place?

A. September 24 to 28, 2007, immediately after TOKYO GAME SHOW 2007.

Q. Can I use a credit card to register and book a hotel for this conference?

A. Yes.

Q. Who are planned to give plenary talks?

A. Prof. Edward Castronova(Indiana University) agreed to give one plenary talk. Mr. Marc Prensky, the founder of Games2train, also agreed. Two Japanese prominent game developers also to be appeared: Prof. Masayuki Uemura (Ritsumeikan University) and Prof. Toru Iwatani(Tokyo Polytechnic University).

Q. I am not an academic, and I am not going to submit a full paper, but I would like to present my work at DiGRA 2007. Are there other formats of presentation?

A. Yes. We are planning to offer less rigid formats of presentation for non-academics, students, or anyone who would like to present work in progress or unconventional form of work. The exact formats are under discussion at this moment. Call for abstract is opened during July until September 12.

Q. Will there be excursions?

A. An excursion to Akihabara, the capital of Japanese otaku culture, is provided. We will accept the on-site registration during the conference.

Q. Would you teach me which place in Akihabara should we go?

A. Which genre are you interested in? There are hundres of shops in the town, and dones of hobby shops in a building in Akihabra. General information, town map, and promotion video in English is available at http://www.akihabara-tour.com/en/index.htm. The train route between the campus and Akihabara (hotel) is available at DiGRA2007 access map.

Q. I would like to participate in the conference organization or volunteer as a reviewer.

A. Please contact the Local Organizing Committee. We welcome any kind of help.

Q. Are there sessions with simultaneous translation service?

A. Yes.  Keynotes, symposia and some panel sessions (withwith translation) will provide simultaneous interpretation from English to Japanese or from Japanese to English.

Q.  Will documents or materials be passed out?

A. Yes, but at some sessions (Work in Progress, Non- or Semi- academic sessions, Late Breaking News, Lightning Talk) there will be no material.

Q.  Where can I have lunch?

A. In the University of Tokyo, several cafeteria or restaurant are open (for example, Chuo Refectory(Underground),or Second Refectory). And there are many eating-places around the university.

Q. Is it hot in Tokyo? I assume jackets won't be necessary.

A. Yes, you don't need wearing a jacket. See Yahoo! Weather.

FAQ for Presentation

Q. Are there any guideline information for presentation?

A. Our Guidelines for Presentation is below.

Paper Presentation:

  • Presentations
    1. The official language for the presentations is English.
    2. Each presenter is allotted 20 minutes for oral presentation and about 5 minutes for discussion. For panel sessions and symposia, please consult moderators.
      In some presentations of 1) Non- or Semi-academic sessions, 2) Work in Progress, or 3) Late Breaking News, the length of oral presentation will be 15 minutes. All presenters are kindly requested to strictly observe the allotted presentation time.
  • Visual Equipment
    1. Digital projector will be available for each presentation.
    2. Slide film Projector is not available.
    3. If you would like to use presentation software PowerPoint®, please bring your presentation file in your USB flush memory. We will accept your presentation file a day before your presentation. At Presentation Data Desk (or PC Rehearsal Desk, located near the Registration desk), our staff will input your file into the external HDD for DiGRA2007 sessions and please make sure your file is located in the correct holder (room number, day & data, and session name) with our staff. Our staff will be available for Sep. 24th 12:00-18:00, 25th-27th 13:00-17:00 in PC Rehearsal Desk. And just to make sure, please bring your file in your session.
    4. If you would like to use other software or special fonts (except English standard font) for your presentation, you have to bring your own computer. Presenters can use either Windows® or Macintosh® with a 15 pin D-Sub terminal. The power supply in Japan is 100V with a 2-prong socket.
    5. The speed of the wireless LAN is not trustworthy. If you want to display online gaming, we recommend you to bring the recorded movie and replay it.

Poster Presentation:

  • Poster session will be held on September 25 Tuesday and 26 Wednesday. Room is available throughout those two days, however, the presenter should be available in a single day for the space limitation.
  • Poster Preparation
    1. Posters should be prepared with the title of the presentation, authors name(s) and affiliation(s).
    2. The official language for presentation is English.
    3. The back panel size for the posters is 85cm in width and 175cm in height.
  • Poster Display and Removal
    1. Posters should be up between 10:00am and 16:00pm in Meeting Room 1, in the 3rd floor of Faculty of Engineering Bldg. 2. Put up your poster between 9:45 am and 10:00am . Posters should be taken down no later than 16:15pm, September 26 Wednesday.
    2. Presenter should be available between 10:00am and 12:00am and/or between 14:00pm and 16:00pm (See the program).
    3. Pushpins are available at the poster reception desk.
  • Visual Equipment (option)
    1. A single set of PC, digital projector, desktop speaker, and screen will be available at the room. The author who wants to use the projector can use it by turns. This kind of display schedule will be coordinated among the presenters between 9:45am and 10:00am of each day.
    2. Presenters has a 15 pin D-Sub terminal and the power supply in Japan is 100V with a 2-prong socket.
    3. The speed of the wireless LAN is not trustworthy. If you want to display online gaming, we recommend you to bring the recorded movie and replay it with PC.

Additional Session:

  • Work in Progress, Non- or Semi- academic session, Late Breaking News
    1. See "Paper Presentation" above. The length of oral presentation is within 15 minutes and remember that there will be no publications to be passed out.
    2. The room has a maximum capacity of 90 seats for audience.
  • Lightning Talk
    1. Presentation time for Lightning Talk about 5-7 minutes. In this session, we expect to provide an opportunity for conference participants to express their interests or their seminal research ideas and to expand their both academic and informal network.
    2. The room has a maximum capacity of 80 seats for audience.

Q. Are there any printing services near the conference room?

A. Yes, there are some copy machines in the campus. If you want to print hundreds of copies or posters, go to the printing shop near the university, or go to Kinko's at Ueno or Akihabara.

Information Desk

Q. How can I send inquiries, comments, requests, complaints, or protests?

A. Send your communications directly to the DiGRA 2007 Local Organizing Committee at digra2007[at]gmail[dot]com digra2007[at]digrajapan.org and other information desks .

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