DiGRA 2007 Situated play
Advance Program

(Last Update: 25 September, Final version. )

with translation (Session with English/Japanese translation service)

Sept. 24 Monday

14:00-15:00  Opening (at Yasuda Auditorium)
with translation
15:30-17:00  Symposium : DiGRA Present and Futures
with translation
  Tanya Krzywinska(Chair), Patrick Crogan, Douglas Thomas, Helen W. Kennedy, Frans Mäyrä
18:00-20:00  Welcome Reception

Sept. 25 Tuesday

10:00-17:00  Poster Session 1
   Alessandro Canossa
Towards a theory of the Player: designing for Experience
 Mark Eyles, Dan Pinchbeck and Roger Eglin
Ambient gaming or how to play games when you're not playing games
 Minna Ruuska and Antti Virtanen
From a Short Story to an Interactive Non-linear Play
 Christina Schumann
Power and stress resistance or adventure and patience? An empirical study of the influence of gratifications sought and obtained as well as of player skills on the use of various digital game genres
 Hanae Yamazoe, Ryo Kato, Takashi Kawai, Tadashi Sato, Takashi Yamazaki and Masutomo Miyao
Playing Styles of Children with Mild Developmental Disabilities in Video Games
 Mark Johnson, Paul Hollins and Pete Bibby
Gameplay and Embodied Experience: Towards a Cybernetic Methodology for exploring the Player-Game System
 Joost Modderman
Digital facilitated chat for monitoring communication behavior and outcomes of a negotiation process
 Ana Luisa Solís, Tania Patiño, Julio Radillo
Improving Cognitive Abilities with Gaming Concepts in Computer Graphics and VideoGame Courses
10:30-12:00  Paper Session 1
  1A: Gender and Gaming
(Chair: Helen Kennedy)

 GEN-01 Nicholas Taylor, Jennifer Jenson, and Suzanne de Castell
Gender in Play: Mapping a Girls' Gaming Club
 GEN-02 Janine Fron, Tracy Fullerton, Jacquelyn Ford Morie, and Celia Pearce
The Hegemony of Play

1B: Sociological Approaches to Games-1
(Chair: Aki Järvinen)

 SOC-01 Bryan-Mitchell Young
The Disappearance and Reappearance and Disappearance of the Player in Videogame Advertising
 SOC-02 Byungho Park
Gambling is in My Genes: Correlations between Personality Traits with Biological Basis and Digital Entertainment Choice
 SOC-03 Chia-Yuan Hung
Video games in contexts: An ethnographic study of situated meaning-making practices of Asian immigrant adolescents in New York City
 MMO-06 Magnus Boman and Stefan J. Johansson
Modeling Epidemic Spread in Synthetic Populations - Virtual Plagues in Massively Multiplayer Online Games
(Moved from Session 5A)

1C: Player Engagement-1
(Chair: Michael Nitsche)
 PEN-02 Geoff King
Dimensions of Play: Gameplay, context, franchise and genre in player responses to Command and Conquer: Generals
 PEN-03 Dan Pinchbeck
Counting barrels in Quake 4: affordances and homodiegetic structures in FPS worlds
 PEN-06 Yasmin B. Kafai, Deborah A. Fields, and Melissa S. Cook
Your Second Selves: Resources, Agency, and Constraints in Avatar Designs and Identity Play in a Tween Virtual World

1D: Theory and Practice of Game Design-1
(Chair: Susan Gold)

 GDS-01 Daniel Kromand
Avatar Categorization
 GDS-02 Antti Kirjavainen, Tuula Nousiainen, and Marja Kankaanranta
Team Structure in the Development of Game-based Learning Environments
 GDS-03 Petri Lankoski and Staffan Björk
Gameplay Design Patterns for Believable Non-Player Characters

1E: Sociological Approaches to Games-2
(Chair: Annika Waern)

 SOC-04 Bart Simon
Human, all too non-Human: Coop AI and the Conversation of Action
 SOC-05 Nobuko Ihori, Akira Sakamoto, Akiko Shibuya, and Shintaro Yukawa
Effect of Video Games on Children's Aggressive Behavior and Pro-social Behavior: A Panel Study with Elementary School Students
 SOC-06 Markus Montola
Tangible Pleasures of Pervasive Role-Playing
13:00-14:30  Values @ Play Board Game Modding Workshop-1
  Celia Pearce, Mary Flanagan, Janine Fron, Tracy Fullerton, Jacquelyn Ford Morie
13:00-14:30  Paper Session 2
  2A: Learning and Games-1
(Chair: Tanya Krzywinska)

 LAG-07 Rikke Magnusssen
Teacher Roles in Learning Games - When Games become situated in Schools
 LAG-02 José P. Zagal and Amy S. Bruckman
From Gamers to Scholars: Challenges of Teaching Game Studies
 LAG-03 Kathy Sanford and Leanna Madill
Recognizing New Literacies: Teachers and Students Negotiating the Creation of Video Games in School

2B: Sociology of Game Production
(Chair: Hiroshi Yamaguchi)

 GPD-01 Alex Wade
The State of the Art: Western Modes of Videogame Production
 GPD-02 Yuhsuke Koyama
Survey of the adjourned sale rate of the Japanese home video game industry
 GPD-03 Simon Niedenthal
Real-Time Sweetspot: The Multiple Meanings of Game Company Playtests

2C: Player Engagement-2
(Chair: Marinka Copier)

 PEN-04 Paul Cheng
Waiting for Something to Happen: Narratives, Interactivity and Agency and the Video Game Cut-scene
 PEN-05 Sybille Lammes
Approaching game-studies: towards a reflexive methodology of games as situated cultures

2D: Theory and Practice of Game Design-2 (Chair: Magy Seif El-Nasr)
 GDS-04 Martin Pichlmair and Fares Kayali
Levels of Sound: On the Principles of Interactivity in Music Video Games
 GDS-05 Stéphane Natkin, Chen Yan, Sylvie Jumpertz, and Bernard Marquet
Creating Multiplayer Ubiquitous Games using an adaptive narration model based on a user's model
 GDS-06 Staffan Björk and Johan Peitz
Understanding Pervasive Games through Gameplay Design Patterns

2E: Cultural Issues-1
(Chair: Espen Aarseth)

 CUL-01 Markus Wiemker
Cultures of Digital Gamers: Practices of Appropriation
 CUL-02 Theodor G. Wyeld, Brett Leavy, Joti Carroll, Craig Gibbons, Brendan Ledwich and James Hills
The Ethics of Indigenous Storytelling: Using the Torque Game Engine to Support Australian Aboriginal Cultural Heritage
 CUL-03 Yasmin B. Kafai, Melissa S. Cook, and Deborah A. Fields
"Blacks Deserve Bodies Too!" Design and Discussion about Diversity and Race in a Teen Online World
15:00-16:30  Panel Session : Women in Games 2007
with translation
  Suzanne de Castell, Jennifer Jenson, Helen W. Kennedy, Doris C. Rusch, Marianne Selsjord, Emma Westecott
15:00-16:30  Paper Session 3
  3B: Cultural Issues-2 (Chair: Akira Sakamoto)
 CUL-05 Thomas H. Apperley
Piracy in the Caribbean: The Political Stakes of Videogame Piracy in Chávez's Venezuela
 CUL-06 Matthew Kam, Vijay Rudraraju, Anuj Tewari, and John Canny
Mobile Gaming with Children in Rural India: Contextual Factors in the Use of Game Design Patterns

3C: Player Engagement-3
(Chair: Torill Mortensen)

 PEN-07 Anders Tychsen, Doris McIlwain, Thea Brolund, and Michael Hitchens
Player-Character Dynamics in Multi-Player Role Playing Games
 PEN-08 Anders Tychsen, Ken Newman, Thea Brolund, and Michael Hitchens
Cross-format analysis of the gaming experience in multi-player role-playing games
 PEN-09 Douglas Brown
Gaming DNA - On Narrative and Gameplay Gestalts

3D: Sociological Approaches to Games-3
(Chair: Mikael Jakobsson)

 SOC-07 Tom Tyler
Play: A Procrustean Probe
 SOC-08 Deborah A. Fields and Yasmin B. Kafai
Stealing from Grandma or Generating Cultural Knowledge? Contestations and Effects of Cheats in a Tween Virtual World
 SOC-09 Esther MacCallum-Stewart and Justin Parsler
Controversies: Historicising the Computer Game

3E: Player Co-production-1
(Chair: Toru Fujimoto)

 PCP-01 Andrew V. Moshirnia and Anthony C. Walker
Reciprocal Innovation in Modding Communities as a means of Increasing Cultural Diversity and Historical Accuracy in Video Games
 PCP-03 Hanna Wirman
"I am not a fan, I just play a lot" - If Power Gamers Aren't Fans, Who Are?
 PCP-02 Kylie A. Peppler and Yasmin B. Kafai
What Videogame Making Can Teach Us About Literacy and Learning: Alternative Pathways into Participatory Culture
17:00-18:30  Symposium : Tokyo Drift: Imports to the Japanese Developer Community (IGDA Session)
with translation
  Jason Della Rocca, John Abrehamson, Dylan Cuthbert, Robert Ota Dieterich, Kees Gajentaan, Bart Sekura, Colin Williamson
17:00-18:30  Panel Session : Playing Place -- Gaming in the Asia-Pacific
  Dean Chan, Larissa Hjorth (Chair), Robert Macbride, Bora Na, Tae-jin Yoon, Seulhi Lee, Minseok Kwon
18:30-20:00  DiGRA Annual General Meeting

Sept. 26 Wedneyday: Online-Game Day

8:30-10:00  Work in Progress, Non- or Semi-Academic Sessions, Late Breaking News 1
(Chair: Yuhsuke Koyama)
    David Thomas
Videogame Style Guide and Reference Manual: Charting the Lexical Landscape of Game Journalism and Criticism
  Marinka Copier
Beyond the Magic Circle: A Network Perspective on Role-Play in Online Games
  Michael Herring
Critical Game Studies: A Case Study
  Zhong Zhijin
The Effect of MMORPG-play on Gamers' Social Capital
8:30-10:00  Work in Progress, Non- or Semi-Academic Sessions, Late Breaking News 2 (Evaluation and Development of Online-Games in Japan)
    Nobushige Hichibe and Akira Baba
Utilizing Online Games for Education Purpose
  Shinsuke Tomiyasu and Akira Baba
Practice and Effect of Educational Uses of Commercial Online Games in History Classes
  Mika Igarashi
Helping Behavior in MMORPG Community: Methodological and Theoretical Approach
  Shunsuke Soeda, Hitoshi Matsubara
Analyzing Online Game Characters using Server Logs
10:00-16:00  Poster Session 2
    Chuen-Tsai Sun, Jilung Hsieh, Chien-Hsun Chen, and Holin Lin
Comparing Taiwanese and American WoW Player Cultures in Terms of Achievement
  Alex Mitchell
Describing Instead of Doing: Player Improvisations in Multiplayer Computer-Based Role-Playing Games
  Margarete Jahrmann and Duncan Shingleton
Judgement Day for 1st Life Game Figures
  Anuj Tewari, Anuj Kumar, Akhil Mathur, Siddhartha Lal, Aishvarya Agarwal, Matthew Kam, and John Canny
Mobile Games for Learning English in Rural India: Designing Cell phone Games Informed by Traditional Games
  Dan Pinchbeck
Explorations in first-person narratives: a practice-led research project
  Anders Sundnes Løvlie
The rhetoric of persuasive games: Freedom and discipline in America's Army
  Albart Dang, Kan Yang Li , and Jesper Juul The Suicide Game: Player Perception of Self-destruction in a Game
10:00-17:00  Exhibition
10:30-12:00  Paper Session 4
  4A: Sociology and Economy of MMOGs-1
(Chair: TL Taylor)

 MMO-01 Julian Kücklich
MMOGs and the Future of Literature
 MMO-02 Tomi Kujanpää, Tony Manninen, and Laura Vallius
What's My Game Character Worth - The Value Components of MMOG Characters
 MMO-03 Holin Lin and Chuen-Tsai Sun
Cash Trade Within the Magic Circle: Free-to-Play Game Challenges and Massively Multiplayer Online Game Player Responses

4B: Sociological Approaches to Games-4
(Chair: Akiko Shibuya)

 SOC-10 Ichia Lee, Chen-Yi Yu, and Holin Lin
Leaving a Never-Ending Game: Quitting MMORPGs and Online Gaming Addiction
 SOC-11 Mike Molesworth
Monsters and the Mall: Videogames and the Scopic Regimes of Shopping
 SOC-12 David Myers
Self and selfishness in online social play

4C: Player Engagement-4
(Chair: Patrick Crogan)

 PEN-10 Esther MacCallum-Stewart
From Catch the Flag to Shock and Awe: how World of Warcraft Negotiates Battle.
 PEN-11 Laura Vallius, Tony Manninen, and Tomi Kujanpää
Interaction Manifestations at the Roots of Experiencing Multiplayer Computer Games
 PEN-12 Gordon Calleja
Revising Immersion: A Conceptual Model for the Analysis of Digital Game Involvement

4D: Player Co-production-2 (Chair: Suzanne de Castell)
 PCP-04 Yuko Aoyama and Hiro Izushi
User-Innovation and the Video Game Industry
(not included in the proceedings)
 PCP-05 Mikael Jakobsson
Playing with the Rules: Social and Cultural Aspects of Game Rules in a Console Game Club
 PCP-06 Grethe Mitchell and Andrew Clarke
Videogame Music: chiptunes byte back?

4E: Game Graphics
(Chair: Lori Shyba)

 GGR-01 Georgia Leigh McGregor
Situations of Play: Patterns of Spatial Use in Video Games
 GGR-02 Edward Schneider, Yifan Wang and Shanshan Yang
Exploring the Uncanny Valley with Japanese Video Game Characters
 GGR-03 Andrew Dekker and Erik Champion
Please Biofeed the Zombies: Enhancing the Gameplay and Display of a Horror Game Using Biofeedback
13:00-14:00  Keynote: "Perfidious Oeconomy"
with translation
  Edward Castronova (Indiana University)
(Chair: Hiroshi Yamaguchi)
14:30-16:00  Paper Session 5
  5A: Sociology and Economy of MMOGs-2
(Chair: Dan Pinchbeck)

 MMO-04 Daniel Schultheiss
Long-term motivations to play MMOGs: A longitudinal study on motivations, experience and behavior
 MMO-05 René Glas
Playing another Game: Twinking in World of Warcraft
 MMO-06 Magnus Boman and Stefan J. Johansson
Modeling Epidemic Spread in Synthetic Populations - Virtual Plagues in Massively Multiplayer Online Games (moved to Session 1B)

5B: Interdisciplinary-1
(Chair: Bart Simon)

 IDS-01 Cindy Poremba
Play with me: Exploring the autobiographical through digital games
 IDS-02 Will Jordan
From Rule-Breaking to ROM-Hacking: Theorizing the Computer Game-as-Commodity
 IDS-03 Johanna Bragge and Jan Storgårds
Profiling Academic Research on Digital Games Using Text Mining Tools

5C: Player Engagement-5
(Chair: Erik Champion)

 PEN-13 Ryo Kato, Takashi Kawai, Hanae Ikeshita, Kenji Nihei, Tadashi Sato, Hitoshi Yamagata, Hirofumi Tashiro, and Takashi Yamazaki
Ergonomic evaluation of portable videogame software
 PEN-14 Peter Bayliss
Notes Toward a Sense of Embodied Gameplay
 PEN-15 Barbara Grüter and Miriam Oks
Situated Play and Mobile Gaming

5D: Theory and Practice of Game Design-3
(Chair: Jesper Juul)

 GDS-07 Philippe Lemay
Developing a pattern language for flow experiences in video games
 GDS-08 Olli Sotamaa
Perceptions of Player in Game Design Literature
 GDS-14 Calvin Ashmore and Michael Nitsche
The Quest in a Generated World
(moved from Session 7C)
5E: Interdisciplinary-2
(Chair: Julian Kücklich)

 IDS-04 Mary Flanagan, Jonathan Belman, Helen Nissenbaum, and Jim Diamond
A Method for Discovering Values in Digital Games
 IDS-05 Ren Reynolds
MMOs as Practices
 IDS-06 Hanna Sommerseth
"Gamic Realism": Player, Perception and Action in Video Game Play
16:30-18:00  Presidential Symposium : MMoRPGs
[with translation]
  Tanya Krzywinska, Torill Mortensen, Esther MacCallum-Stewart, TL Taylor
16:30-18:00  Panel Session : Character, Player, Game
  Anders Tychsen, Marinka Copier, Markus Montola, Michael Hitchens
18:00-19:00  Lightning Talk
(Chair: Emma Westecott)
    Marinka Copier and T.L. Taylor
Game Ethnography
    Satoru Kumagai
A Mathematical Representation of "Excitement" of the Game: From the Viewpoint of Neutral Audience
    Gianna Cassidy
Uses and Functions of Music during Game Play: Self-Selected vs. Soundtrack
    Romana Khan
Play J: Let's Share our Play Experiences
    Tom Edwards
Announcement of the IGDA Game Localization SIG
    Shinji R. Yamane
Security in Virtual World in the Age of Critical Infrastructures Protection
    Anders Sundnes Løvlie
Locative games: Putting public space in play
    Nobushige Hichibe
Creating "Jun Maeda": a cultural and historical study of Japanese PC Game and "Visual Novel"
    Nobushige Hichibe
A consideration of Amateur Game Cultures in Japan: From a study of "Doujin-shi" and "Doujin Game" in Akihabara
18:00-19:00  Student Mentoring Roundtable
  [Mentor: Jesper Juul (IT University of Copenhagen), Yuhsuke Koyama (Tokyo Institute of Technology), Shinji R. Yamane (GLOCOM/International University)]
 Robert Jones
Saving Worlds: Videogame Activism
 Kaori Suzuki
Toward Digital Games as the Works of Art: A Proposal of Useful Framework

Sept. 27 Thursday: Serious Games Day

8:30-10:00  Work in Progress, Non- or Semi-Academic Sessions, Late Breaking News 3
(Chair: Barry Atkins)
   Lori Shyba
Answering the Live Earth Call to Action with Social Issue Games: Spies in the Oilsands and The Pipeline Pinball Energy Thrill Ride Game
 Jonathan deHaan
Educational Games for the Learning of Foreign Languages: Specific Features, Progressive Models
  Casper Harteveld, Igor Mayer and Geertje Bekebrede
A research methodology for developing serious games (Panel)
9:00-10:00  Late Breaking Panel: Patterns, Typology and Ontology: An Overview and Discussion of the Formal Analysis of Games and Gameplay
  Espen Aarseth, Staffan Björk, Jussi Holopainen, Michael Mateas, José P. Zagal (Chair)
10:00-16:30  Exhibition
10:30-12:00  Panel Session : Social Critique gets Real: From Games for Change to Change in Games
with translation
  Jennifer Jenson, Suzanne de Castell, Cindy Poremba, Lori Shyba
10:30-12:00  Paper Session 6
  6B: Serious Games
(Chair: Douglas Thomas)

 SRG-02 Birgitte Holm Sørensen and Bente Meyer
Serious Games in language learning and teaching - a theoretical perspective
 SRG-03 Anders Frank
Balancing Three Different Foci in the Design of Serious Games: Engagement, Training Objective and Context

6C: Theory and Practice of Game Design-4
(Chair: Frans Mäyrä)

 GDS-16 José P. Zagal and Michael Mateas
Temporal Frames: A Unifying Framework for the Analysis of Game Temporality
 GDS-17 Jayfus Doswell and Kathleen Harmeyer
Extending the `Serious Game' Boundary: Virtual Instructors in Mobile Mixed Reality Learning Games
 GDS-18 Noah H. Keating
The Lambent Reactive: Exploring the Audiovisual Kinesthetic Playform

6D: Player Engagement-6
(Chair: Jennifer Jenson)

 PEN-16 Olli Leino
Emotions about the Deniable/Undeniable: Sketch for a Classification of Game Content as Experienced
 PEN-17 Jaakko Stenros, Markus Montola, Annika Waern, and Staffan Jonsson
Play it For Real: Sustained Seamless Life/Game Merger in Momentum
 PEN-18 Espen Aarseth
I Fought the Law: Transgressive Play and The Implied Player

6E: Theory and Practice of Game Design-5
(Chair: Staffan Björk)

 GDS-10 Mark Grimshaw and Gareth Schott
Situating Gaming as a Sonic Experience: The acoustic ecology of First-Person Shooters
 GDS-11 Penny Drennan, Dominique A. Keeffe, Rebekah Russell-Bennett, and Judy C. Drennan
Designing a Game to Model Consumer Misbehavior
 GDS-12 Steffen P. Walz and Rafael "Tico" Ballagas
Pervasive Persuasive: A Rhetorical Design Approach to a Location-Based Spell-Casting Game for Tourists

13:00-14:00  Keynote: "Escape from Planet Jargon: Making Research More Useful to Practitioners"
with translation
  Marc Prensky (Games2train)
(Chair: Toru Fujimoto)
14:30-16:00  Panel Session : Designing Games to Effect Social Change: Perspectives from Designers, Thinkers, and Activists in the Field
with translation
  Chris Swain, Douglas Thomas, Rafael Fajardo, Ellen Scott
14:30-16:00  Paper Session 7
  7B: Learning and Games-2
(Chair: Toru Fujimoto)

 LAG-04 Suzanne de Castell, Jennifer Jenson, and Nicholas Taylor
Digital Games for Education: When Meanings Play
 LAG-05 Jonas Linderoth and Ulrika Bennerstedt
This is not a Door: an Ecological approach to Computer Games

7C: Player Engagement-7
(Chair: Gonzalo Frasca)

 PEN-19 Aki Järvinen
Introducing Applied Ludology: Hands-on Methods for Game Studies
 GDS-13 Akito Inoue and Seido Ushijima
Around Sigeru Miyamoto: Enactment of "Creator" on Computer Games
(moved from Session 7D)

7D: Theory and Practice of Game Design-6 (Chair: Michael Hitchens)
 PEN-20 Michael Nitsche
Mapping Time in Video Games
(moved from Session 7C)
 GDS-15 Jesper Juul
A Certain Level of Abstraction

7E: Interdisciplinary-3
(Chair: Mary Flanagan)

 IDS-07 Tarja Susi and Jana Rambusch
Situated Play - Just a Temporary Blip?
 IDS-08 Mia Consalvo
Visiting the Floating World: Tracing a Cultural History of Games Through Japan and America
 IDS-09 Jeffrey Bardzell, Markus Jakobsson, Shaowen Bardzell, Tyler Pace, Will Odom, and Aaron Houssian
Virtual Worlds and Fraud: Approaching Cybersecurity in Massively Multiplayer Online Games

16:30-18:00  Symposium : Games, Education, and Medical Care
with translation
  Rika Kayama, Shin'ichiro Takasugi and Akira Sakamoto
16:30-18:00  Panel Session : Approaches to Player Experience Research
  Bob Appelman, Jonathan Frome, Frans Mäyrä, Yvonne de Kort, Wijnand IJsselsteijn
16:30-18:00  Values @ Play Board Game Modding Workshop-2
  Celia Pearce, Mary Flanagan, Janine Fron, Tracy Fullerton, Jacquelyn Ford Morie

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Sept. 28 Friday: Game Industry Day

8:30-10:00  Work in Progress, Non- or Semi-Academic Sessions, Late Breaking News 4
(Chair: Chris Swain)
   Felix Kerger
Creating a Component Based Message System
 Trent Burg, Nicholas Daniel, Michael Herring, Robert Pearsall, and Tedo Salim
Synchronicity in Game Design
 Barry Atkins
The Temporal Situation: Gamer Time, Industry Time, Academic Time
 James Tobias
Designing Play: Gestural Innovations and Interventions in Computer-Mediated Play
 Jeroen van Mastrigt
Casestudy: DeBlob™ for Nintendo Wii & DS: Game industry innovation trough 'garage based' student driven game design research & development
8:30-10:00  Work in Progress, Non- or Semi-Academic Sessions, Late Breaking News 5
(Chair: Akira Sakamoto)
    Shiko Hirakawa, Noriko Ihori and Akira Sakamoto
Content Analysis of Educational Video Games for Children: Development and use of a new checklist for educational video games
  Kanae Suzuki, Makiko Sado, Mari Hasegawa, Yukiko Horiuchi and Akira Sakamoto
The effects of the usage of video games and their violent depictions on aggression in junior high school students: The moderating effects of their reflection
  Tom Edwards
Considering the Geocultural Context of Game Play and Development
  Bianca Terracciano
Videogames between Narration and Interactivity. A case of study: Fatal Frame
10:00-16:00  Exhibition
10:30-12:00  Symposium : Game Design Workshop (IGDA Education SIG)
with translation
  Susan Gold, Tracy Fullerton, Magy Seif El-Nasr
10:30-12:00  Paper Session 8
  8B: Game Industry and Business Models-1 (Chair: Yuhsuke Koyama)
 IBM-01 Sven Joeckel
The Impact of Experience: The Influences of User and Online Review Ratings on the Performance of Video Games in the US Market
 IBM-02 Patrik Ström and Mirko Ernkvist
The unbound network of product and service interaction of the MMOG industry: with a case study of China
 IBM-03 Gyuhwan Oh and Taiyoung Ryu
Game Design on Item-selling Based Payment Model in Korean Online Games

8C: Player Engagement-8 (Chair: Mirjam Palosaari Eladhari)
 PEN-21 Laura Hoeger and William Huber
Ghastly multiplication: Fatal Frame II and the Videogame Uncanny
 PEN-22 Jana Rambusch, Peter Jakobsson, and Daniel Pargman
Exploring E-sports: A Case Study of Gameplay in Counter-strike

8D: Game Industry and Business Models-2 (Chiar: Hiroshi Yamaguchi)
 IBM-04 Tiago Reis Alves and Licínio Roque
Because Players Pay: The Business Model Influence on MMOG Design
 IBM-05 Mikolaj Dymek
Exporting Wars: Literature Theory and How It Explains the Video Game Industry
 IBM-06 Miho Nojima
Pricing models and Motivations for MMO play

8E: Learning and Games-3
(Chair: Akiko Shibuya)

 LAG-08 Yumi Matsuo, Sachi Tajima, Seiko Nohara and Akira Sakamoto
Video Games and the Training of Sociality: A Survey of Video Game Players
 LAG-09 Taichi Kato, Junkichi Sugiura, Makoto Iida, and Chuichi Arakawa
A Typology of Speeches within Board Game Players for Analyzing the Process of Games

13:00-14:00  Keynote: Hisory and Development of Game Industry in Japan
with translation
  Masayuki Uemura (Ritsumeikan University, Nintendo Advisor),
Toru Iwatani (Tokyo Polytechnic University, Namco Bandai Games Fellow),
Akira Baba (moderator, DiGRA Japan)
14:30-16:00  Symposium: Game Development in Japan
with translation
  Masanobu Endoh, Kazutoshi Iida, Kiyoshi Shin(moderator)
14:30-16:00  Panel Session : Games without Genres
  Tracy Fullerton, Celia Pearce and more
16:30-17:30  Closing (at Koshiba Hall, The University of Tokyo)
with translation
17:40, 17:50, 18:00  Shuttle Bus to Hotel Metropolitan Edmont Tokyo
18:30-20:00  Banquet (Hotel Metropolitan Edmont Tokyo)

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